How to log in to my order?

In order to access your account to review your order, please go to:

With your order number USTXXXXXXUS and your e-mail address login and select Search.

Here you will see all correspondence including additional information we requiere in the form of an attachment.

How do I download the Affidavit/Application/Consent form?

If you want to download any attached documentation, just log in to your MY ORDER. On the right-hand side of the messages you will see a paper-clip icon.

If you click this icon the document will open and from there you can download any necessary paperwork.

How to upload documents and what format is acceptable?

In order for us to have access to your documentation, you will need to upload it to your order.

Please rest assured this is not difficult and we have instructions below to assist you.

To upload the documents please refer to MY ORDER on our web page folloeing this link:

Login with your e-mail address and your number, then click on CHOOSE FILE to upload your documents from your computer. Remember to add a CAPTION (i.e.: ID or Application).

Please try attaching it as a PDF or JPEG or PNG.

Why do I need to send documents?

The State will reject your request as they are the ones that provide us with the relevant instructions in order to carry out your request. The State application form is required along with valid identification. The form we sent you needs to be printed, and filled out correctly. This is due to the fact that some states are private and need to verify the applicant is an eligible requester of the document.

How to amend or change information in my order?

In order for us to change this for you, please e-mail us via MY ORDER as you messaged us previously:

Follow this link:

Login with your e-mail address and your number, then click SEARCH.

The box below is where you write your message then click SEND.

How to cancel MY ORDER?

In order for our payments team to refund your order, we will need you to follow the instructions below to send your request to cancel through to them.

It takes less than two minutes and can be done from any device.

You must enter your e-mail and your order number, then click the CANCEL ORDER button and provide a brief reason why you are canceling.

Processing times

Vital Records Now works with vital records offices across the United States. The processing times vary from state to state and can even vary between counties of the same state.

Also, keep in mind that the delivery method chosen when you place your order might increase the delivery time.

*Depending on our experience and on average, most agency locations tend to process orders in 3-7 business days. In this average range, locations may take anywhere from 1-2 to up to 18 business days just to process an order plus the normal delivery times for Standard Mail that, depending of the destination address may add up more days.

Process times may vary also due to other reasons, such as high workloads at the state agencies, short staff, non-computerized searches, etc.

If you need to determine exactly what the processing time is for an order you want to place, we recommend that you simply contact us within 24 hours after you placed the order, either by e-mail (through MY ORDER web page) or by phone. Please have your order number, given on your Order Confirmation e-mail, on hand so our Customer Service Team can check the process times with the corresponding Vital Records Office.

Are overnight services available?

Unfortunately, Vital Records Now does not offer overnight deliveries or same day ordering and shipping services. Most Records Office generally uses Regular mail (USPS or other regular couriers) which can take between 7-10 business days.

If there is an option for a Rushed service this will always be advised when placing the order.

How long does it take to receive the order?

As previously stated, the process time of an order depends exclusively on the Vital Records Office where the record is located, the stated reason (i.e.: Apostille/Certificate of Authentication, for legal-use, and other), time of year, and if a rush service is chosen and/or available.

Attention: In your MY ORDER page we also post important warnings from USPS or FEDEX that may impact the delivery of your order such as adverse weather conditions.

Am I entitled to order the vital record?

Unfortunately there isn't a federal policy or procedure due to differences between vital record offices and state legislation. What we can say in order to help you is that most Vital Records and legislation locations determine that only person's immediate family can order a certificate.

On our web form, you will be required to enter relevant information for the vital records office. In “Relationship to person listed on record” please respond with the utmost honesty since you may be required to present documentation that will confirm the information sent to us.

Is the certificate a certified copy?

Yes. The certificate you receive will be a government issued certified document.

The state that you are ordering the certificate will be the one that decides the type of certification seal to be used.

These Certifications include a registrar's raised, embossed, impressed or multicolored seal, registrar’s signature, as well the date that the required certificate was filed by the registrar's office. This certified copy is generally accepted as proof of citizenship, to obtain or renew a passport or driver's license, or for other documents.

It is very important that you mention in your order that you need a certificate to obtain a Passport.

For a birth certificate to be acceptable in these cases, the certificate has to:

  • be issued by the office of vital statistics of the state, or the county, or city where the event occurred (birth);
  • It has to show the parent's full name(s);
  • It has to show the full name at birth;
  • Indicate the date as well the place of birth.
  • Bear the embossed, impressed, multi-colored, OR raised seal as well signature of the issuing authority.
  • Indicate a registration/file date (this one has to be within one year of the event).

Customers that will need to use the certificate overseas will need a separate certification. This one could be an 'Apostille' or 'Certification Certificate' depending on the country where the certificate will be used. Please contact us after placing your order if you would like to add this additional service.

Can I get a copy of my vital record certificate faxed or emailed to me?

Vital record offices do not fax or email Certificates. The Certified copies that you request are always sent using US mail or Express mail when available.

Do you ship outside the US?

Unfortunately, we do not ship outside the US.

We can send the documents to A US address and you can have someone mail the document to you, however, we are not able to do so.